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【design 】
A hat made from tape-shaped braids that are carefully hand-knitted from strong, thick raffia thread, and then hand-knitted into a binding hat.
Because it is hand-stitched, the seams are flexible and can be folded.
The edge of the brim is a bicolor of the same material that surrounds the face line.
The brim width is firm and the sunshade effect is high.
A summer hat for sophisticated adults that combines usability and appearance.

[Silhouette, sense of size]
The brim gently slopes down to the tip of the brim, and by wearing it below the eyes, it covers the entire face and enhances the effect of shading from the sun.
The size is adjustable from 55cm to 57.5cm with a gentle fit that covers the head and an inner string.

[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or stack it while folded as it may cause it to lose its shape. Do not wash.
Because it is a natural material and hand-knitted, there are individual differences, and it may change color over time.
Please enjoy it as a characteristic of the natural material.

[This item will be sent in KINCHAKU -L size-]
*The drawstring will be white. Can be used as a hat storage bag.
If you would like gift wrapping, please leave a message in the remarks column of the payment screen.
We will ship without including a delivery note with a price tag or a tag.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

SIZE: 57cm (size adjustable)
QUALITY : Natural grass (raffia)
Made in China
SPEC: Height about 10cm Brim about 9cm