Designs for Living

The roots of design are in life and climate.

Cut down to functional and rationalized beauty, clear structure, and essential and free design. I am strongly attracted to such things.

La Maison de Lyllis 2 022 SPRING is a Bauhaus textile artist

A theme that expresses the scenery of a house and a garden with an atelier, imagining the life of "ANI ARBERS" and her husband "JOSEF".

We are proposing with high quality and realistic styling, imagining that Anial Bath is in the present age.

When I go out to the garden, I borrow my husband's jacket, which I had taken off on the sofa, and put it on as a shade.

When messing around with the garden to take a break from the time spent immersing yourself in the design, you will inadvertently pick up a long-lasting item that takes functionality into consideration.

A style that is unique to you in your own space that no one can see. I want to be innocent in such a place forever.

What I was enthusiastic about doing this styling was "borrowing my husband's jacket".

The style I want to challenge, which I was not good at jackets.

It's a pretty old movie, but Jodie Foster's style in the middle of the wilderness, in the sunshine to receive communications from UFOs in "contacts". Wear a light orange jacket over your head and a hat over it.

Cross-legged on the ground. Ah cool ~~ I want to do this! have become.

Homage styling ↓

It actually looks cool and comfortable under the scorching sun

Another combination is a clean kerchief and an oversized linen jacket.

I want to go to the city in such a style this year.

Mika Kasai