The leather collection is a key item in the 23FW collection.

This leather was born through a relationship with a tanner in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.

Leather can be enjoyed over time and can be used for a long time with maintenance, and it stretches to a certain extent so it fits the curve of the wearer's head. . . What a perfect hat!

The river that flows near the factory. A quiet place.

Leather factories called tanners handle everything from tanning to dyeing and processing, so I was able to discuss my requests directly.

(1) Hats have many curves, fine stitching, and many overlapping parts, so if the leather itself is thick, the needle of the sewing machine may not pass through, and it will affect the comfort of wearing it. I want you to be there.

(2) Since the dyeing is done after straining, the amount of dye used is kept to a minimum.

(2) Smooth to the touch and slightly glossy

3.It is made of cowhide, yet has a feminine and supple softness.

A spectacle that fascinates factory enthusiasts.

I learned a lot from the president who is also a craftsman.

Nowadays, there are pros and cons to leather, but cowhide processed as meat ends up as waste as a by-product, so leather was born to make use of it.

And the leather that did not turn into leather had to be incinerated, which also had a considerable impact on the environment.

As someone who enjoys eating delicious meat, and not a vegan, I personally think that if I can make the most of it without throwing it away, that's a good thing.

Synthetic leather technology has improved considerably, so the demand for genuine leather has been sluggish, and now the number of jobs has decreased to one-ninth of what it was 10 years ago. I would like to support the craftsmen and factories who are very sincere and loving, and if they can produce good products, I would like to continue the leather collection.

Leathers carefully finished one by one.

The original leather used this time is A grade leather made in Japan, so it is a graceful leather with few scratches during life. It is finished in a beautiful leather with a uniform texture.

I decided on the color on the spot after seeing the site.

・Original color called MOSTDARK, a brown color that is as close to black as possible, instead of black leather, which is often too hard.

・I reproduced the color of my favorite vintage leather belt that I wore that day = CAMEL color

・The color as it is tanned = the unbleached color called WETBLUE.

I look for something close to the ideal from past color samples.

In the end, MOSTDARK did not exist, so we proceeded from the middle color without a sample.

This WETBLUE is too beautiful...

The transparent color that can't hide anything is a pale blue.

I had heard the word "WET BLUE" before, but it was my first time seeing it, so I fell in love with its tanned appearance.

Strong bluish tanning

Before adding oil and other processing, it looks like a dolphin.

After Tatsunoichi, I went to Kyoto where I stayed, and the sand walls were so beautiful.

This chance encounter became the key colors of this season, WETBLUE and SOIL.

We searched for the melton of recycled wool that is closest to the color of this sand wall and combined it to finish CORNISH.

The hat factory in Miyazaki, who has been with us for a long time, made the beautiful original leather into a hat. A reliable factory.

Because it is thinly made in advance, the core required for hats is kept to a minimum. Since the tension of the leather is naturally utilized, it becomes easier to get used to the head while wearing it.

It's really difficult to sew a hat with leather... Thank you factory...

There were many difficulties before the product was finished.

If you have a chance, I would like you to pick it up.

The color, the comfort, and the silhouette.

It has the best finish.



Leather leaves a lot of scrapes.

I can't use the stretchy belly part, only the back part, so cut the SUPEL and CORNISH parts and use the best part of the remaining part as a headband.

SHANA (Scheduled to be released at the end of November)

And I decided to use the rest for next year's collection as a little decoration.

Please look forward to the next collection.