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【design 】
A design that incorporates the style of traditional Japanese farming into a minimal metro hat.
The characteristic scarf at the back can be hung as it is, or it can be tied with a string with the hair to arrange it, and the expression changes depending on the arrangement.
A modern style that sublimates the old-fashioned style.
The gap between the iconic back view and the simple silhouette seen from the front is also fun.
Of course, the sunshade effect is quite high as the original use, and above all, the back half of the head is one size fits all, so it is cool and windy, and anyone can match it.

A fabric made by dyeing 100% recycled nylon light shell taffeta with a dye that contains components of discarded plant materials.
Black uses bamboo charcoal and white uses rice husk.
A functional material with excellent strength, breathability, and quick-drying.
It also has a water-repellent function, so it is perfect not only for town use but also for outdoor use.

[Silhouette and size]
The back half of the head uses an elastic ribbon to fit, so it feels like you're not wearing it at all.
Super size free hat.

[Precautions for handling]
Hand wash with neutral detergent and dry in the shade.
Do not tumble dry.

[This item will be sent in a KINCHAKU -M size-]
*The drawstring will be white.
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SIZE: 55cm - 59cm
QUALITY: 100% nylon (recycled nylon water repellent)
Made in Japan
SPEC: Height 10cm Brim 6.5cm
: Sauce part / length 40cm
: Ribbon / 40cm