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The HAT is ideal for wearing as an accessory that "covers your shadow," and the beautiful light that shines through the knitted pattern, like sunlight filtering through the trees, casts a shadow on your face. A foldable summer hat.

It has a distinctive silhouette with a ribbon tuck design and size adjustment function.
There are loops for ribbons to pass through on both sides of the inside, so we recommend you enjoy arranging it with scarves and ribbons.
This is an original revival material that is based on dead stock materials that can no longer be made, and is reproduced within the current technology. Raffia is a strong material with a beautiful natural color.
A hat that both conveys a technology that is disappearing and is made of materials that can be loved for a long time.
The size can be adjusted from 55cm to 59cm by tying the inner ribbon.

[Precautions for handling]
Please be careful not to get it wet, damp, or store it folded or stacked, as this may cause it to lose its shape. The main unit cannot be washed. The main unit cannot be washed. Because it is a natural material, it may change color over time. Please enjoy it as a characteristic of natural materials.

[With ribbon loop, ribbon can be attached]

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SIZE: 55cm~59cm
QUALITY : Body / Natural Grass(raffia) (revived hatbody)
: Ribbon / Cotton100%
SPEC: Height 9.5cm, Brim 9cm